Strong 5×5

3 mal 8-12 Wdhg - nicht optimal für Muskelaufbau

What you get with “SMISS-STRONG 5×5”

This program is for more muscles and faster fat loss. The goal is to workout smart and not harder. Most people overdo it and burn out quickly. Training from “Bill Starr 5×5” with additional training for mobility.

​It is designed as a long-term solution to build muscle over time and burn fat, but without overload injuries. Three workouts per week (heavy, light and medium).

It is a training routine for the average person and you should consistantly make a progressive overload for 6 month. It is a full-body weightlifting and muscle building program.


  • “Old style” effective program which is used by pro athletes – “Bill Starr 5×5”
  • Program focuses on upper body but includes also heavy leg training
  • Intense, heavy and challenging, but very effective
  • Make continual progess for 6 months

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