Spartan race training – The 3 most common mistakes in training preparation!

Spartan Race Training - The 3 most common mistakes in training preparation!

Spartan race training – The 3 most common mistakes in training preparation!


What is a Spartan Race and why is it so popular?


A Spartan race is a sports event where you start alone or in a team and have to complete a certain running distance, where obstacles have to be overcome again and again. If these obstacles are not completed correctly, mostly “30x Burpees” have to be completed, which everybody tries to avoid, because this exercise is very exhausting and of course this has a negative effect on the total running time. You can register for different distances, these have names like “SPRINT”, “SUPER” or “HURRICANE HEAT” and are 5km, 10km and 20km long.

In recent years, these events have been enormously popular in the german speaking area. The reason might be that in principle, from young to old, everyone can participate and little equipment is needed. The demands on the participants are more varied than is the case with pure running events. Adventure, excitement and physical exertion!

For front rankings a very good endurance performance is a basic requirement and one should not be too heavy. Furthermore, a good hand grip is very advantageous, because there are many “climbing obstacles” to be completed, the grip is not sufficient here, so as mentioned before the penalty exercise, 30x burpees must be completed ;-)!

So to finish such a Spartan Race with a good result for yourself, you should prepare and train accordingly, as in all other sports. This way you avoid recurring overload injuries and of course you improve your specific performance. But just a little running is not enough. Complete a progressive specific training. This should cover all the content you need for a Spartan Race.

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