With these 2 Tips NEVER AGAIN lower back pain!

With these 2 Tips NEVER AGAIN lower back pain!

With these 2 Tips NEVER AGAIN lower back pain!


I have been dealing with back pain for about 20 years now. It all started at the age of 18 when I started to do strength training in a gym in addition to playing soccer and tennis.

My goal at that time, like that of many young boys, was to build muscles and become stronger, but mainly to build muscles. At that time I was fully motivated and just started training, I got a “training plan” from the trainer of the gym owner, but unfortunately I didn’t get a differentiated training instruction. Now, in retrospect, unfortunately, with serious consequences for my back, because wrong deadlifting with 150kg (330lbs), wrongly performed knee bends with 170kg (375lbs) and a very undifferentiated training regime, led to an early degeneration of my spine structures (intervertebral discs, facet joints).

THE PROBLEM, the intervertebral discs have no pain receptors, that is, the feedback from the intervertebral discs that a problem exists, unfortunately often comes only when it has already come to a disc bulge or even worse to a herniated disc!

So it was with me………

…at the beginning, that means the first 2-3 years it was no problem at all or I had no physical complaints. The muscles grew, I became stronger, didn’t look like I wanted, but was relatively strong at that time for my age, especially since I also played soccer and tennis.

I had at least 6 training sessions a week, mostly even 8-9, because I went to football training after tennis training or vice versa!! OVER-TRAINING sends its greetings!

But back again to the topic, where I was going for, at that time my suffering story started with the back pain.

What every “back-pain patient” knows for sure, at least most of them, it is me with a jerky movement with a throw-in in football play, so correctly in the lumbar spine area “shot in”! At this age I did not know back pain at all, let alone such extreme acute pain as in this case, with a classical lumbalgia, as I only now know.

I was extremely limited in my movement because of the extreme pain and could hardly move anymore. I didn’t think much of it, well, it won’t be that bad, I’ll go to the doctor and he’ll tell me what to do, meaning the “normal” run in our “health system” started for me from that moment.

First of all briefly the medical classification of the causes of back pain.




The causes of back pain are manifold. The most frequent causes are everyday posture problems in connection with overweight, lack of training of the back muscles and degenerative changes in the spine.

Not to forget psychosomatic causes, which must not be forgotten under any circumstances. However, I would like to limit myself to the back pain caused by permanent under- and/or overloading and how you can get this under control.

After the localization of the triggering cause – starting from the spine (vertebragen) or from other places (extravertebragen) – a distinction is made:



1.1.1 Acute back pain


These are painful conditions that occur suddenly and usually last only a few days.


1.1.2 Chronicle back pain


If the pain occurs on more than half of the days per year, it is referred to as chronic back pain. They are often caused by postural deformities of the spine. Many of the patients also perform occupational activities while sitting, which promotes a lack of exercise.




1.2.1 Unspecific back pain:
(75% from all back pain problems)


Characteristics are severe pain, but the radiological findings do not correspond to the intensity of the pain. Radiation into the buttocks, neck or arms is possible. The therapy consists in the treatment of the underlying disease (as far as possible). Preventive measures are physiotherapy, regular sporting activity and weight reduction. In stubborn cases, participation in intensive back programmes with integrated care by doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists is recommended. A permanent pain medication is only useful in exceptional cases of acute deterioration for a short period of time.


1.2.2 Back pain with specific pain


Characteristic is a disease with involvement of the spinal cord or the nerve roots. The pain is perceived as radiating in the specific supply area of the nerves. The therapy consists of pain therapy, physiotherapy and surgery (only in the case of failure of conservative measures or in rare, special cases). …….but back again to the further course of my “odyssey” in the “health system”.

I went to the doctor, who made a standardized x-ray of my spine and I was diagnosed with “…no abnormalities or serious degenerative changes”, I was relieved and received an injection against the pain and then went home relieved.



Advice from doctors and physiotherapists are well-intentioned and read as follows, “…do more exercise and exercise! Go for example: Swimming and cycling, it’s good for your back.”

Through this, in the last consequence very undifferentiated well-meant advice, the cause is unfortunately even strengthened, since the relief is as we know a cause why the spinal column structures (intervertebral discs, facet joints, ligaments along the spine, etc.) degenerate over the years.




The intervertebral discs in particular, need the constant alternation between relief and load (PRESSURE AND TRAIN). WHAT? Because it is no longer supplied with blood vessels from the age of 20.

During the day – standing and sitting – high pressure is constantly exerted on the intervertebral disc. It loses water, the disc thickness is reduced. Constant posture, no matter whether standing or sitting, leads to a standstill of the metabolism after a few hours. However, a disc does not only need water, but also nutrients such as minerals, etc. Since intervertebral discs are not directly supplied with blood, they must absorb these substances and water by osmosis or diffusion.

This “juicing mechanism” of the intervertebral disc thus resembles a sponge, which is pressed together in the water and released again. Consequently, intervertebral discs which are regularly moved through are also better nourished. Physical rest is the end of your intervertebral disc! A constant change between pressure load and pressure relief keeps your intervertebral discs healthy – an ideal field of activity for prevention and self-help.

Now back again to my medical history in the matter of back pain, I had as after the injection and a few days of illness, some massages at the physiotherapist and rest no more pain. I thought to myself super, was not so bad anyway! As I now know a momentous fallacy, because I changed nothing at the individual causes of my complaints, i.e. I continued to operate “false crucifixion”, “false knee bends”, sat much at the PC etc. speak all causally relevant activities I retained.

So kam es wie es kommen musste, nach ca. 1 Jahr, schoss es mir wieder ein und das Spiel begann von vorne! Ich suchte mir nach dem klassischen Arztbesuch wieder einen “guten” Physiotherapeuten, ließ mich ein paar Mal behandeln und alles war nach ein paar Tagen wieder gut. Dachte ich zumindest!

Do not misunderstand, the doctors are very important in making a good diagnosis and medication and the physiotherapists to speed up the healing process, but causally the professional groups in 90% of the cases will not be able to help and is not at all their task. This is the task of the experienced strength trainers who are specialized in this field.

The “shooting intervals” became shorter and shorter and ended with a forced hospital stay, I was brought there in a wheelchair because of the severe pain. So despite a lot of exercise, strength training and sport in general, a severe herniated disc.




  • Civilization disease No. 1 in Austria approx. 3.5 million back pain patients. The cause is too little compression-tension load alternately for the spinal column structures, too many sedentary activities and partial overloading
  • Symptoms are treated by various types of therapies
  • The solution to the cause is very rarely explained in detail at all and if there is no differentiated and intensive strength training in the last consequence



The beginning of a differentiated strength training and the understanding of the causes of the degenerative changes of the spinal column structures.





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